Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Happy List

PMS hit me like a ton of bricks this week. I went from fine to craptastic in a matter of a few hours. Stephen pretty much decided he was suicidal. He decided to push my buttons the other day and he almost hit that one red button that sends off the alarms and flashing lights. You know the one...where the lady's voice repeats over the loudspeakers: "Self destructing in 10 seconds, self-destructing in 9 seconds...." It's a good thing he made it out alive.

So as I sit here waiting for my "please don't kill me" chocolate chip cookie dough to arrive home at 9:34pm I decided I will write a list of ten things that make me happy. So without further hesitation:

10. Orange blossoms. Best smell in the world!

9. Grande iced soy mochas, no whip.

8. The sound of the ocean at night.

7. Being able to see the stars.

6. Walking in the rain.

5. Finding an extra $20 you didn't know you had.

4. Morning cuddle time.

3. Hearing Midge say "Mama" in his tiny raspy voice.

2. A massage and adjustment...just feeling relaxed.

1. The feeling of all three kiddos putting their arms around me at the same time and showering me with affection.

Now you probably thought the Happy List was over. Sorry, I have one more to make. This one is for my hubby, who needs the redemption. While I really want to call it the "10 Reasons Stephen Is Still Alive" list I will settle for "10 Reasons I Love My Husband."

10. That great butt...dang!

9. He is so good with the kids.

8. He works hard and puts up with a lot and still has a smile.

7. He envies pregnant women.

6. His dimples.

5. His naive midwestern mentality.

4. His support with my new business.

3. The way he can't keep his filthy paws off of me.

2. He bought me tampons when we first started dating.

1. He is my best friend.