Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's a Jeep Thing,

So today my hubby and I decided to take the Jeep out off-roading. It was relaxing just getting out in nature, away from the sounds of the city. After stopping at a local tiny local liquor store to get a pack of Big League Chew and a vanilla Charleston we ventured off the beaten path and found ourselves at a cool little stream in the valley. At this point he wanted to show me how to climb some smaller rocks and here in this video you will see me get myself right stuck. For the record, I did have myself some successful climbs right before this one:

So I decided this was a perfect moment to do a mini-video blog. Here it is:

It was a fun trip. Here are a few pics:

Me and Midge hanging out:

The happy couple:

Midge got really wet so we went ahead and let him wade in his birthday suit. Although his tushie is the cutest I did appropriately censor it for young eyes:

Overall it was a great trip.


{sara} said...

Awww, all that mushiness is making me sick! ;) Looks like a fun day out.

lindsay_2181 said...

awww that last pic is tooo cute, you should totally print and frame it for his room!