Friday, February 8, 2008

Kick Em When They're Up, Kick Em When They're Down

On Tuesday I had a bad headache and just felt bad overall. That night my throat started hurting. I didn't want to eat or drink. Then my glands in my neck swelled up and my throat felt like it was on fire. I waited a day and existed on 4 Advil every six hours. On Thursday I was in tears because I hurt so much despite the Advil. I called and made a doctor's appointment for that afternoon knowing I was going to have to pay out of pocket for everything because we are still uninsured.

Right before I left for my doctor's appointment I got a call from the Respiratory Therapy consultant for the new hospital where I interviewed at. He told me that because I don't have my RRT that I will not be able to be the supervising respiratory therapist. I spoke with him (the best I could with how much it hurt to talk) and told him that I was working on it but it didn't seem to sway him any. So basically that door was slammed in my face.

Feeling as if I just got kicked in the stomach, Midge and I went to the doctor's office. They confirmed my suspicion that I had strep throat and sent me off with a prescription.

The pharmacy couldn't fill my prescription for an hour and a half and so I went home, where I started feeling worse than ever. I could feel my temp spike up and my throat hurt so badly I stuck my lower jaw out and tears ran out of my eyes. I couldn't even swallow. I had to keep a towel by me so I wouldn't drool. Luckily my grandpa came to the rescue, picking up my prescription and bringing me some ice cream and a slushie. I finally was on the road to recovery.

My husband came home and the rest of the night I spent sucking on ice cubes and bravely swallowing the ice cold water down even though it hurt like crazy.

This morning I feel better even though I am still at square one. My throat is still sore but it's not as bad as it was. I am eating ice as a type. I had ice cream for breakfast but the sweetness burned too much. My glands are not as swollen and I don't feel achy. I am still planning on staying at home in my jammies for most of the day.

Thanks to everyone who was so encouraging with me getting the job. I have to wonder what God wants me to do. Midge has gotten to the point where he cries if I am not around all the time so I hate to think of leaving him full time. My bank account cries when I am not working.

The next chapter begins....