Monday, August 4, 2008

Birth Junkie

May 1st was really my last post? Really? Geez.

Update: Midge is fine. Just had a nasty virus. No hospitalization needed. He recovered on the 6th day. We have been through hand foot and mouth disease as well since the mystery illness and all is well now in the house.

I'm an official birth junkie now. I have been through a doula training course in San Diego where I have started my journey to become a birth doula.

A do-what?

From Wikipedia:

A doula is a non-medical assistant who provides various forms of non-medical support (physical, emotional and informed choice) in the childbirth process. Based on a particular doulas training and background, the doula may offer support during prenatal care, during childbirth and/or during the postpartum period. A birth doula is a continuous care provider for labor in many settings. Thus a labor doula may attend a home birth or might attend the parturient woman during labor at home and continue while in transport and then complete supporting the birth at a hospital or a birth center.

I just attended my first birth on Friday morning and it was fantastic.

I want to write more but Midge needs my attention. He's tired and we have to go pick up Nee Nee from her 3rd day of second grade.