Saturday, June 9, 2007

Introduction (aka "The kids are still alive...we're good!")

Six years ago I remember looking at my two month old daughter and feeling a sense of pride as it hit me that I had managed to care for this human being's delicate life successfully. I think my exact thought was "Wow, she's still alive." Looking down at my breasts (which from here on will be referred to as "nunnies") I knew that we did it together. Hi five girls! ~Ow!~

Today I have three gorgeous kiddos and two step-daughters so I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I love my husband more than words can say. Life is good!

This morning I was looking at my littlest guy, who just turned seven weeks old. The feeling that came over me six years ago hit me again: "He's still alive!" Guess that feeling of awe never quite goes away.

Wait....did I say "Life is good?" Spoke too soon. You see, I started this blog three hours ago and between paragraphs all hell broke loose here. Baby started screaming, kids started destroying, time-outs have been administered (in fact, one is in progress as I type) and hubby is at work. I managed to clean up the soup that boiled over on the stove but still have yet to get to Target to pick out heels for tomorrow's wedding.

Gotta go free the captive from her naughty spot. More adventures in parenthood to come...