Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome Our Newest Family Member!

Daisy melted our hearts the moment we saw her.  Right after church we went outside to chat with our friends and Midge ran off to the grassy area to play.  Someone from our church had brought puppies and Daisy went right up to Midge and tried to hide under his legs.  Of course he is all of two feet tall so he was unable to keep his balance.  She was so sweet, curling up underneath us to keep cool. 
At our shop we have a watchdog named Dusty.  He has been a bit lonely lately so we figured this would be a good playmate for our Dusty Dog.  She's been such a great addition to our shop.  She keeps Dusty busy and they both seem happy.  At first I was wondering if we had made a mistake taking a puppy home on a whim but it's been wonderful.  She has a fantastic personality and we think she and Dusty will be lifelong friends.  


Frates Baby Farm said...

Ooh, I tried to sneak one of those puppies in our car after church. Jay said no and I think something along the lines of "Don't make me look like a jerk at church!" :) Ha!!! Daisy is too cute!