Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Must Have Done Something Right!

So yesterday's breaskfast fiasco left me questioning my tactics. Of course the job description of "Mom" includes the occasional self-induced guilt trips, so I tried not to beat myself up over it. I stuck to my guns...meals are eaten in the high chair and I'm not running a diner. You eat what you are given when you are given it or you have to wait until snack time or the next meal.

Lunch yesterday was much better. He sat in the high chair and eagerly ate a slice of pizza. Dinner was met with equal success. As I was making lunch today I told him "Go sit in your highchair" and he walked over to it and waiting for me to scoop him up and sit him down. Dinner tonight was a huge success. Again he obeyed me and went to his highchair and sat down. I gave him a new meal, Three Bean Chili and a slice of cornbread and he started eating it! Not only that but he used a spoon and didn't toss the bowl over the side of the tray onto the floor. Not only that but he drank from a big boy cup and didn't spill! He ate really well and was good about not throwing food, a habit we have been trying to break forever.

But gets better!!

Today while I was at work he went into the diaper bag and grabbed me a clean diaper and handed it to me. Had had done a #2 and wanted changed! Oh my gosh! He's never done that before. He took off his diaper before bathtime again tonight and squatted down so I decided to see what would happen if...

Nothing came of it, but he thought it was funny that I tried to instruct him with grunts and gestures and the word "poo-poo." Ah well. He's still a bit young, but it was funny to see him up there hanging out like a big boy.
I'm glad there are days like this. It makes me feel like all of my hard work and endless hours of repeating myself do pay off.


The Millers: said...

Great work Wendy! You need to post the recipe for the 3 bean chili - we're going through a hunger strike over here!

Laurie said...

lol!! How adorable is he!! :-) Love the potty picture!

btw, Connor has the same cup!

great job mama. getting a toddler to eat is so hard!

btw, I'd be interested in that 3 bean chili recipe too.

Erin said...

I am so impressed! That potty picture is awfully cute!