Saturday, November 15, 2008

Funny Nunnies

Last night I was at my mom's house with Midge, enjoying some quality family time with my parents, sister, and my niece "Boo" who is almost three.  Midge and Boo worked at learning to play nicely with each other throughout the evening. 

Midge has finally gotten the hang of asking to nurse:  "Nunnies, pes."  It's really sweet to see how much he loves being next to his mommy getting his snack of choice.  Plus I get to sit down instead of chase him around and I always welcome that break.

So I am nursing little Midge on my mom's sofa chair and Boo comes up and asks if Midge can play with her.  I tell her after he is done drinking his milk.  She looks a bit confused and asks me where his milk is.  I tell her it is inside me and he is drinking it (pointing to my breast).  She is just mystified now.  "In your chi-chi?" she exclaims.  "Yes, I have leche (milk) in my chi-chis," I explain.  Now she is genuinely excited by this idea.  Her happiness was just peaking at this point.  What a miraculous discovery for Boo...milk inside your body that comes out when you want to drink it!  Her big brown eyes look right at me, her face all lit up and she smiles sweetly and asks, "Can I drink some?"  Her sweetness made it was hard to tell her no.  I gently explained that only babies drink milk from their mommies and that big girls like her get their milk from sippy cups.  She was disappointed but she went up to my sister and asked to drink her milk.  My sister explained she didn't have any for her.  Boo persisted a bit longer but finally accepted that mommies make milk for babies, and Boo's milk was stored in the fridge.

On the bright side of Boo graduating out of being a "baby" she earned herself a ice cream princess cake for going poop in the potty.  Personally, I would take the ice cream cake anyday!