Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Toddler With The Iron Fist

In Clarks Nutritional center I made an urgent call for direction to the homeopathic remedy drops that help calm a toddler that has been like a little raging bull for the last two days. Poor Midge has been completely out of control the last few days, and it has been a nightmare. He's not ill and not tired, but just trying to understand the way fairness and life works and it's not agreeing with him.

He learned the word "mine" and according to him everything should be stamped with his name. It's really hard to explain to a 17 month the laws of ownership. So to accompany this unwillingness to share is his right hand swinging at people about every minute or so. I have had to sit with him near other children because once I see that face scowl and those eyebrows furrow I know the hand of wrath will fly within about .2 seconds. To make matters worse he seems to enjoy hitting with toys in his hand. Most remarkably a steel car on the head of a child of someone I had just met. Oye! I was horrified.

Today I took it upon myself to write him a prescription for lots of Mei Tai carrier time and as needed doses of chamomilla tablets. Oh, and lots and lots of re-enforcement of the "no hitting" policy. So far he seems calmer and a bit more relaxed. I just hope we can turn Midge's frown upside down before he makes me crazy!


Frates Baby Farm said...

Oh...I will pray for "gentle hands." What are we going to do with these little men?!