Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Secretly Pleased

Yesterday Bear decided to help me with chores.  I handed him a rag and a bottle of Eco-Me's wood polish (olive oil, vinegar, water, essential oil mix) and told him to clean the entertainment center.  He promptly went over and gave the tv screen a few good sprays.  I stopped him and told him only to clean the wood and went into the bathroom to do my share of cleaning.  Bless Bear's heart, he worked very hard to help me get the house clean that day.

Fast forward to after the kids were all in bed.  Stephen went to turn on the tv and looked puzzled.  He tried a different remote but wasn't able to get the tv to turn on.  After fiddling with the remotes for a few minutes he walked over to the tv and pulled back the plastic tv button guard and drew his hand back.  "Someone spilled something in here."  I wrinkled my nose.  "Really?  How could they have done that?"  We had just had a house full of people for Bible study and I didn't remember that any child had been near the tv with their sippy cups or bottles.  He smelled it and all at once I realized what had happened.  "Does it smell like olive oil?" I asked.  "Yes," he said, looking very confused.  I looked at him and said slowly,  "It was Bear, he sprayed the tv with furniture polish and must not have wiped it off after I told him to only clean the wood.  The spray must have ran down into the plastic guard and over the buttons."  Stephen looked at me in disbelief and broke the bad news "The tv doesn't work anymore."  A final attempt to turn it on confirmed it.
I've had that tv for about 4 years and it's nothing fancy, but it is our only tv in the house.  So for now it's comatose with little hope for recovery. 

The truth is that the stupid thing has been sucking up couple time from Stephen and I and I am glad it's been silenced (at least temporarily).  I am not much of a tv watcher and now I can actually get "eyeball" time with my honey.  Maybe we'll go back to doing those things married people do at night. 


Frates Baby Farm said...

ooh, ooh I'm all for "breaking" my t.v.! Have fun!