Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mexican (Mex-eee-can)

While browsing the internet today I decided to check out some local take out menus from a small town in Missouri and was really amused by this one:

I realize it's very hard to read but basically it's got a list of the different Mexican dishes to the right with correct pronounciation and descriptions. They even have a description and pronounciation of nachos. Nachos? Really? Tortilla as well. And burrito.

I hate to chuckle at the idea that anyone needs a pronounciation key for meals I grew up eating, but I suppose I would be just as lost trying to decipher a menu with French cuisine.

What's truly classic is one day while we were dating my husband wanted to order a quesadilla and couldn't think of the word. He told me "You know the thing with the tortilla and the cheese? Where you fold it over?" The look on my face was priceless, it was one of sheer disbelief. Lucky him, he never gets to live that down. Just to think that 5 years ago he lived in Missouri. Guess he should have brought this menu with him...just in case.


DoulaMomma said...

love the new look!