Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barf-A-Thon 2008, Part 3...The Epic

Today my darling Nee-Nee would not get out of bed.  She was starting to show the early signs of dehydration and so I immediately got on the phone and started calling everyone who could give me medication and/or watch my other two so I could make an urgent care visit.  Luckily I managed to get some anti-emetic medication for her so she could start keeping things down again.  I watched her closely until the medication arrived...then I had to explain to her where it went.  Poor kid was like, "You're gonna stick that where?"  After some coaxing and explaining that taking it orally isn't a great idea she let me administer it (one of the greatest parts of parenthood I tell ya!).  Within the hour she was sleeping and not drinking.  I went in and told her that if she didn't start taking some sips of water that I was going to take her to the hospital for an IV.  Immediately she sat up and started drinking little sips of water.  She then napped and has since been improving.

Bear seemed perfect...24 hours vomit free.  So I allowed him to eat lunch, which I later learned came back up in the back of his step-mom's car.  Oops.

Midge has had his first day of no runs in a week!  Yay!  I am cautiously calling him 100% better.

I'm doing better, still have a tiny appetite right now.  Stephen is 100% better.

I hope tomorrow all is better so the kids can enjoy a memorable Halloween.


{sara} said...

I hope you are ALL 100% real soon!

Frates Baby Farm said...

Oh sweetie...this stuck around along time for all of you. I am so sorry and I hope that everyone feels better soon!