Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bodily Functions...YAY!

I bought this awesome pair of Roxy slip on flat shoes several months ago and I love them.  They are so comfy and they go with nearly everything I have. 
One night I go to snuggle up on the couch across from my hubby and I sneakily put my feet in his lap so that he might indulge me in a foot rub.  Within moments I jumped up from the couch when the aroma of a sweaty gym sock permeated the area. 

"Your feet stink dude!"  I complained.  He looked at me innocently and replied, "No, your feet stink."  "No they don't!  I don't have stinky feet!" I objected back.  I had never ever had a problem with foot odor my entire life.  Even if I tried I doubt I could make my feet smell bad.  I leaned over and tried to smell my own feet, which I found difficult.  So I bent down and picked up the shoes.  Sure enough, they smelled horrible!  I had stinky feet!  Me!  For the very first time in my life!  It was a strange moment of triumph and embarrassment.  I actually got very excited at this new level of grossness I had achieved.  "I have stinky feet!" I exclaimed.  Poor Stephen just looked at me and smiled. 

Are my poor shoes doomed?  Can you wash smell out of canvas flat shoes?  Anyone know?

For the record, I also cannot burp.  The air bubbles come up, but no burp accompanies them.  It's the strangest thing.  I have never been able to participate in any burping contests or have anyone laugh at my cool loud bodily function.  It's made me an outcast in those bodily function humor circles.  If someday I ever do manage a good blech I will be sure to blog on that, too.


DoulaMomma said...

Congrats! (?)
I found the same happened to me w/ keds a long time ago...I think you should be able to wash them...or maybe baking soda?

Wendy said...

Thanks I will try it. :-)