Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ode to the Load

Crumpled piles four feet high
I raise my eyebrows, give a heavy sigh
For the clothes just seem to mock my grief
The shirts, the jeans, even the sheets
With ketchup stains and grassy knees
Armed to the teeth with Shout and Febreeze
On top of the dryer lives a herd of linty shapes
At my feet, lonely socks are searching for mates
Checking each pocket, then checking them twice
Reading the tags, ignoring advice
Stacks of laundry take over my den
Turn my back on my toddler, fold them again
The bottom of a hamper is a beautiful sight
As I finish my washing for the night
Tomorrow my grateful family will say,
"Why don't I have anything to wear today?"


Sara said...

That is the story of my life...you've summed it up beautifully!

Jo said...

I have a quick question for you regarding Lacy... I have lots of adult experience but very little peds. We switched vents from volume to pressure control and since then we have had a hard time with sats and heart rate. her sats are low her rate is high. trying to think through the problem. maybe you could help problem solve before I make this a big deal. I will send you my number over the organic website... let me know if you could help. thanks JO

Jennie said...

That is the absolute best poem I have ever written - it's perfect! I am going to print it a post it on my laundry room door!