Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Day of Firsts

We celebrated Midge's first birthday yesterday. Stephen and I made his first birthday cake, which is a project we both really enjoyed.

We had made another bear cake, which we let him demolish in traditional one year birthday fashion:

It was also the day that we saw Midge take his first steps. The best we got was about five steps but despite the sugar high he was on he couldn't muster the courage to keep going and plopped his rear on the carpet. We caught it on video, which gives us another of those invisible parenting medals.
Today we had Midge dedicated at church, which was cool. He was really facinated with the lights and the praise team and after it was over we "walked" him into the nursery in big boy fashion.
A year old...doesn't even seem possible.


Anonymous said...

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Amanda said...

I knew this was coming up, sorry I'm late...Happy Birthday big guy!! Big hugs from your buddies, Ethan, Ryen, and Katelyn!