Monday, April 28, 2008

Flaco y Gorda

My husband's diet:

Breakfast- If he has it it usually consists of a Mountain Dew, cookies, or if he can get to a Farmer Boys it can contain an omelett with extra cheese and hashbrowns with cheese.

Lunch- Two double cheeseburgers, no lettuce, no tomato, ketchup only. Fries, large Coke.

Dinner- Two tacos, just meat and cheese, extra cheese, chips.

Snack- Lays potato chips and ranch dip or Club crackers with Easy Cheese.

First of all, I don't know how the man poops. Seriously, if I ate like that I would be as bloated as a whale. There is no fiber in his diet.

Secondly, he is actually fit. He has put on a few pounds over the last year but he still looks great. We got life insurance and his bloodwork came back so good we got the preferred rate. I think science needs to examine him. He either is not human, or he has super DNA that needs to be cloned.

In comparison, here is my diet:

Breakfast- Kashi sprinkled over greek yogurt, coffee

Lunch- Salad, whole grain pasta, green tea.

Dinner- Free range, antibiotic and hormone free chicken, a veggie, and cous cous.

Snack- Flax seed chips and salsa.

And here I am struggling with the last 20 pounds of my pregnancy weight. At church yesterday we had a slideshow of our camping trip with a rear view of my booty and I was horrified to find it was like looking at a mobile home on a trailer. I simply do not understand. I am in perpetual motion with the three kids always needing me, and yet I can't shed the pounds. I am even nursing, which burns 500 calories a day. When I brush my teeth I do leg lifts on the ledge of my tub. Why am I a holding on to the junk in my trunk?

I guess it's not all bad, I am getting good use out of my maternity jeans. *sigh*


Primal said...

Your menu sounds like ours! I found you about a week ago but am just not getting around to having time to comment on blogs rather than write blogs.

I think I'll blogroll you! :=)