Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Cheating Heart

It's time that this come to light, I am leaving my pediatrician.

It's not that I don't love her, but I just think we have grown apart. Where once I felt close to her, now I find it hard to get an appointment. Especially on the same day.

A few months ago in walked tall dark and handsome. I found out about his wholistic pediatric clinic and I was intrigued but I wasn't about to leave my relationship for another just yet. I emailed him a couple of times and he wrote me back! I asked him his views on vaccines and circumcision and he wrote me back and told me everything I wanted to hear. My heart pounded with excitement. I knew he wasn't able to accept my insurance and I would have to change plans to change peds. Feeling like it was fate to stay with my current pediatrician I let the issue drop like a hot potato.

Not a month later my son's insurance plan was having open enrollment. I eyed the packet, feeling the guilt in me rise. I told myself that if it was too expensive or too complicated to switch I would stay faithful to my current ped. The form lured me in with it's simplicity and the cost was the same. I filled it out and with a heavy heart mailed it back, knowing I'd crossed the line. I rationalized that I could still stay with my old pediatrician if I wanted to, but I was giving myself options.

Today I finally got the courage to call. I set up an appointment for Midge's well check. Within a couple of hours tall, dark, and wholistic called me to welcome me to his practice and see if there was any questions he could answer for me. I was more than smitten at this point. I was giddy! I wanted to brag to my friends that my pediatrician called my house! After talking to him for a few minutes I knew in my heart I had made the right choice.

I have officially moved on. It's time to start something new. He's everything I have wanted in a pediatrician. No more worrying about being pressured to do something that I don't feel comfortable with. No more funny looks when I bring up homeopathic remedies or alternative treatments. I see this relationship as being long term.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Yes, but do you know if he's circumcised or not?

Mommy of 4 said...

Good for you....