Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mom Accessories

Midge has either been puking, having diarrhea, coughing, feverish, snotty or a combination of all this last week and a half.  It's been the saddest thing watching him cry in misery everytime his tummy hurt or he couldn't stop coughing.  Of course he only wants to be held most of the day and that means I get new accessories for my mommy clothes.  Most of the time it's snot trails on my shirt.  A few nights ago he puked down my back.  While putting pukey blankets in the wash a spot smeared across my shirt.  A week ago I had the lovely experience of missing a spot on my hand after I had changed a very messy diaper and went to rub lipstick off my lips with my bare hand.  Yeah...that one probably topped all of my gross mommy moments.

The funny thing about being a mom though is that you really don't care.  When your baby just wants to lay his or her head on your shoulder you don't care if there is snot hanging from their nose or if they have potential to blow chunks at any given moment.  It's all about them and making sure they feel loved and secure even if you can't fix what is hurting them.  There is nothing more heartbreaking to a mom than seeing their baby miserable.

Now I am not saying that having a sick kid is all cuddles and nurturing bliss.  I have not slept well in over a week and my fridge is bare.  I am tempted to run to Trader Joe's for the basics but I am sure that others will give me dirty looks when they see Midge coughing pathetically on the organic apples.  I miss Jazzercise, which I have not done since early last week.  But these complaints are a blip in my lifestyle, and I am trying to enjoy a break from the normal fast paced life I lead.  Let's hope the illness comes to and end soon!   


Anonymous said...

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