Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Since my last post was a bit of a heavy note I thought I'd lighten it up a little today.

For months I have been agonizing over how to exercise with a toddler. Nothing seemed feasible as Midge is now in high gear all the time. I didn't want to pay $30 a month to go to a health club and then an extra $10 a month for childcare. It seemed as if I would never get rid of the extra junk in the trunk. I walk the kids to and from school but the heat has forced me to take the car in the afternoons. Therefore I felt stuck in my fat rut without a light at the end of the tunnel.

That was until I found out about Jazzercise. My friend mentioned she was going and loved it. I have to admit that when I first heard about it I immediately pictured this:

I needed to check it out because my friend used the word "addicted" and anyone who uses the words "addicted" and "exercise" in the same sentence is either crazy or has found something really good. Since my friend is very levelheaded I assumed the later. After an internet search and a phone call I found out I could go for free anytime I wanted if I put one hour in each week in the childcare area. At this point I would have been willing to wear a full on flourescent pink one piece stretch leotard complete with scrunch socks and a scrunchie. Just one hour of childcare a week and I can come whenever there are classes and work out for free and have free childcare?? Sign me up!! Lucky me I grabbed the last childcare spot available. "It's destiny," I convince myself. I am meant to Jazzercise.

So today was my first official workout day. Let me tell you it was more fun than I thought. Most of the women there were moms or grandmas and I felt comfortable and secure. And it's a good thing too because some I probably looked like I was doing a drunk ho-down instead of a graceful step ball change.

The only challenge is that Midge didn't like the childcare. He cried a bit at first and I went in after he wouldn't calm down for 10 minutes. Then I went back out and he continued to cry for the rest of the time off and on. I felt bad but he has to get used to being in there. By the time the workout was over I was sweating and felt great and Midge was covered with hives and was snotty and hiccuping. Poor little guy! Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I will be sure to report my progress.


DoulaMomma said...

That picture is hilarious!
Hey - great minds - I just went back to the gym today too!

{sara} said...

Where is this place? Although, I'm a bit jealous that you got the last daycare spot. I've GOT to do something about the junk in my trunk...and all over for that matter!

google said...

That picture is so funny. It took me a long time to get involved with jazzercise. I have always been a weight lifter and I have even done some yoga from time to time. My problem is I hate cardiovascular training. Then one day my personal trainer gave me a list of possible cardiovascular regimens I could do. So I gave Jazzercise a shot and I absolutley loved it!

google said...

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