Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If My Blackberry Curve Could Give Back Rubs...

This phone was designed for a business person but I have found this little piece of technology to be key to keeping my ducks in a row.  Besides being sexy and red I love that it has little alarms that I can set to remind me of appointments, birthdays, and even that hag of an aunt that visits me every 21 days.  I get my 30 minute reminder at Trader Joes that I need to pick up the kids and so I have to get away from the baklava and check out.  Never again will I lose track of time while deciding on the best bunch of organic bananas! 

In the morning I wake up to the sweetest chirp that escalates slowly.  No loud obnoxious blaring bleeps, this phone knows how to seduce me into the land of the living. 

I get email straight to my phone for three different email accounts.  That helps me keep on top of things and helps me get back to people more quickly and I can even send emails while I am out.  The best part of it is that when you send your email at the bottom it tells your recepient that you sent it via your Blackberry.  What better way is there to imply that you are important and tech savvy than to have your own phone rub it in?  "Yes, I have a Blackberry...suck on that cousin Bob!!  Love, Wendy."

In the morning I turn on my XM radio and listen to the 90's station.  On Sunday morning I am treated to a retro weekly top 40 with Rick Dees.  It's a great way to take a trip down memory lane.  And when New Kids on the Block come on I secretly cheer.  I still remember having hundreds of posters.  My brother drew on Joey McIntyre's poster once and it truly ruined my Easter Sunday when I was 12.  Last Sunday Rick Dees was giving away a stereo system complete with compact disc player, tape deck and a turn table!!!  Must have been about 1993.  I had to kids don't know what a tape deck is, let alone a record player.  They will never know the joys of mix tapes or holding down the pause button ever so slightly to hear your favorite artist sped up to sound like a chipmunk.

When I need directions I just turn on my telenav and it gives me turn by turn directions.  No more forgetting the Mapquest directions on the printer.  My baby tells me everything I need to know. 

I think my husband is jealous.  He complains that I love my phone and I will freely admit here that I do.  I don't want to say that I love it as much as him but I sleep closer to the phone than I do my hubby.  I guess I do understand.  He does have the edge though...the Blackberry can't kiss my neck when I sit here and type this. 

Speak of the devil...he just got home...and kissed my neck.  Awww. 

I'm off to bed, Blackberry in hand.


DoulaMomma said...

"Yes, I have a Blackberry...suck on that cousin Bob!! Love, Wendy."

LOL! I nearly spit coffee all over my keyboard!

MJ said...

Such a great post. You've totally expressed how I feel about my Blackberry. I never thought I'd love a phone!! :)