Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Interview

I got back from the big interview a couple hours ago. I spent the last couple days picking out a business suit (a first for me) and updating my resume and getting pep talks left and right.

I arrived 15 minutes early and made pals with someone there who liked classic cars (go figure). Then I was sent back to meet the Chief Nurse Executive and the Director of Outpatient Services. They were both nice and we settled in for an hour and fifteen minute interview. I told them about my career and why I think I am right for the position and then they asked me a series of questions about my leadership skills and I asked them questions about the position and what they expected of me.

The hard part was that I had to explain why I was no longer working at my old job. I turned it into a positive by assuring them I am "driven" to get my registry exam done now that the opportunity has been taken away from me. They seemed satisfied with that.

The good points were that the Chief Nurse Executive commented on how organized I was and how good my resume looked. She ended the interview saying that she wants to give opportunites to people.

I have two more interviews, one with the CEO of the hospital and one with a prominent physician who I already know. I know I am up against one other therapist for the job and so we shall see...

Overall I think it went well. Continue your prayers and positive thoughts for me!