Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wildfires...Wednesday Update

This morning I woke up to find my husband was still at the Orange Show grounds managing one of the buildings. I got the kids up and drove the four year old to pre-school. I spoke with my honey and he told me he was going to try and sleep in his truck for a few hours. I was almost back home from the pre-school drop off when I got a call on my cell from the pre-school teacher asking me to come back because my son had fallen and his teeth had punctured through his lip. I made a U turn to pick him up and we made a stop at the urgent care to make sure the damage wasn't in need of medical attention, which he wasn't, luckily. We got it cleaned up and although it looks really nasty he seems to be eating and talking fine. From there we were able to attend a birthday party for a friend of the children and I spoke with my husband again. He asked me to come by and bring him a large soda so I gladly drove through Del Taco and took a drink to my thirsty hero.

Security was tight and media wasn't allowed inside of the building. I was stopped a couple of time before I got inside because I wasn't registered as a victim. Finally I reached my hubby and gave him his drink. I got a chance to look around me...rows of cots, a place for kids to play, a place to make phone calls, a place to eat, a person up on a stage giving updates and showing a slideshow of the damage. Hundreds of faces...all different ages, races...all wondering if their home was still going to be there when they were allowed back home. There were some elderly people laying on their cots, staring emptily into space. My heart just hurt.

At the event, my husband met Dave Pelzer, the author of the books "The Lost Boy" and "A Child Called It." They are autobiographies about one of the worst abuse child cases in California's history. My husband said he isn't much of a reader, but he read all of Dave Pelzer's books. I was introduced to David and I just can't tell you how bittersweetly heartwarming git was to know he had endured so much torture as a child and here he was volunteering his time to reach out to others in need. What an amazing man.

I was not there too long as the kids were getting antsy and my hubby was busy. I left the disaster relief area and went home to feed the kids.

Not long after dinner I got a call from the school district saying that the schools would be closed Thursday and Friday because of the poor air quality. My only one in public school goes year round and is off track right now so it doesn't really affect us too badly.

And for those of you who are wondering how close we are from the fires, we are roughly 30-40 miles from the one closest to us and as far as I know it is not contained. Our home is safe but we are being hit with terrible air quality and we have been advised to stay indoors.

I will update more as I get more information. Thanks for keeping our family in your thoughts.