Thursday, August 16, 2007

Um, two months later...

I started blogging on the day that started a month of non-stop urgent care and doctor visits for my little ones. Here is the final score:

Ear infections: 4

Corneal Abrasions: 1

Croup: 2

Stomach Flu: 1

Eye infections: 1

Well, at least I have established myself at the urgent care. The staff knows me now and is probably trying to determine whether I am nuts or just having a string of really bad luck.

So I am back to writing. I've loved writing ever since I was a kid. I used to make my own "chapter books" when I was in second grade and take scotch tape and cover the front page so it appeared laminated. I would even include a table of contents. When I don't write I don't feel like I am in touch with myself. Writing has given me a wonderful outlet and I savor the time I spend spewing my random thoughts and stories out on paper (or online).

Since my last blog I have also gone back to work. It was so hard leaving my 3 month old because I am so incredibly attached to him but I know that my job is really important and that without my job we have no benefits or steady income as my husband is self-employed. I have a space in my freezer for frozen breastmilk and we hired a wonderful nanny who is pretty granola. She wears Noah and doesn't let him cry and she grows her own veggies (sweet!). She is also a big supporter of breastfeeding. I also love waking up and having my dishes done and my laundry folded. It really does make my life so much easier. Without her I would be stretched way too thin.

So I'm back! I don't think I have any avid readers but just in case I thought I owed a bit of an explanation.