Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why Chucky's World Is Not A Good Idea

In light of a recent Chuck-E-Cheese commercial my brilliant Nee-Nee decided to say her peace about why living in a world that is soley contained within a Chuck-E-Cheese franchise is a bad idea.  She is definately her mother's daughter:


Don said...

LOL! she's too cute! Living inside a Chuck-e-cheese is my idea of the 7th circle of HELL. I HATE that place...and DS wants to have his 8th bday party there...


Laurie (larsandconnor)

Kelly said...

She's awesome and articulate, but it was Austin who made me LOL. He was like, "I mean, it could be okay... right?" and then when forced to make a decision: "Oh, okay, fine. It's bad! ... But can we go?" Very true to his age and gender! Also loved little Midge running around in the background.