Monday, December 15, 2008

Where's Your Black Vortex?

During the winter months I never travel without my trusty lip balm within my reach.  This year I bought the Earth Mama, Angel Baby brand, which is organic and works well with my crunchy lifestyle.  :-)  I used it liberally on myself and the kids until one day I went to get it out of the side pocket of my purse and it was gone.  I was upset but went ahead and purchased another one.  Within two days I had also lost that one.  I searched my entire purse including the pocket I normally kept it in, the car, and the diaper bag.  Now I was peeved!  I bought yet another one and put it in the same outside pocket.  Within a week it was also gone.  It was only then that it occured to me to check the side pocket for holes that might lead to a space between the purse and the a little purse vortex.  Sure enough I squeezed two fingers through a tiny hole in the side pocket and pulled out three Mint Herbal Lip Balms!  I was a bit embarassed to think I was putting the lip balm in the same pocket the third time even when I knew that the first two times the lip balm had disappeared when I stored it there.

That really got me to thinking about the things we do over and over and even after getting undesirable results still continue to do.  I can list many times over the years of life lessons where it took me making the same mistake over and over to learn a valuable lesson.  At think sometimes it's because we have always done something a certain way and don't really consider changing it because it's our "norm."  Other times I think it's because we are too busy to realize that there is a problem that can be fixed.  For me the problem tends to exist when I have expectations of something or someone other than myself that don't get met.  In this case, I expected that the purse would not have a hole because it was fairly new.  That expectation cost me about $8.  
So today's reflection is not a critique or a criticism, but rather an encouragement towards self-reflection.  It could be that you struggle with being late, financially strapped, yelling at your kids, or your weight.  Perhaps you feel like others are letting you down.  Rather than getting upset, take charge of your issues.  Set up boundaries, take charge, and find solutions.  Change your habits or simply the way you word things.  Ask yourself if you are causing your own issues.  Seek advice from others who have been there.
Most importantly, remember that attitude is everything.  Accept that you can't change everything and you shouldn't try to change anybody, but you can change how people and situations affect you.  
Have a wonderful week!